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Madeleine Joan Blaustein was an American voice actress, comics artist and author. She is most known for her role as Meowth in the English dub of the Pokemon anime series.


In 1994 she authored the comic series Deathwish, which featured a transgender policewoman as a main character.[1]

Personal life[]

Blaustein was born October 9, 1960 in Queens, New York[2], to a Jewish family of five children,[3] including her brother Jeremy Blaustein.[4] She was born intersex and was assigned male at birth.[5] She identified as bisexual.[6]

She was a member of the online virtual community Second Life, under the username Kendra Bancroft.[7] She was involved in Projekt Neualtenburg, a project involving a simulated government, and was involved in creating various objects.[8]

She died on December 11, 2008. Sources give various causes of death; some say it was due to an untreated stomach virus,[9] while others say she passed after a "brief, undisclosed illness".[10] She was buried under her birth name in the Congregation B'nai Israel Cemetery in Northampton, Massachusetts.[2]